How it works ?

1 – Receive your Organizer Pack

You order 1, 2 or 3 bottles and you receive them in the best conditions.

Choose the tasting you want to participate in by going to the page listing the next DOL .

2 – Invite your friends

You invite friends to come and taste with you the sample(s) (from 1 to 3 75cl bottles) you received following your order of an organizer pack.

3 – In direct contact with the producer, enjoy having the winegrower (nearly) in your living room

On the “D” day at the “H” hour you connect to the live and you are live with the winemaker in your living room!

4 – Group buying experience: always get the best price

You like the wines you’re tasting?

Order them: the more a wine is ordered, the more its prices drops!

At the end of the tasting, all tasters’ orders are counted and everyone benefits from the lowest price.