What is DOL?

DOL is a new concept of wine tasting / sale in live video with the winemaker.

The idea behind DOL

You will share a tasting with friends, family or colleagues in direct contact with the producer of the wines tasted.

Our objectives: to create a short distribution circuit, to make you discover new vintages at advantageous prices while allowing the producer to make a decent living from his production.

DOL, these are friends around you, one, two or three bottles to taste and a winegrower (almost) in your living room!

Just like you, we are concerned with the preservation of our planet. This is why all the wines that we offer you for tasting have been chosen with great care and according to not only taste but also ethical criteria. Whether organic, in organic conversion, natural, Terras Vitis, HVE (High Environmental Value) or even from conventional cultivation, we favor wines produced by winegrowers and winegrowers recognized for their true environmental approach.

Participating in a DOL is the guarantee of a great friendly experience with friends guided by the producer himself!

In concrete terms, how does that work ?

On D-Day at H-Hour, you connect via our website and you and your friends are transported in an instant to the winemaker’s cellar as if you were there!

The experience lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

DOL is a real interactive live stream!

Thanks to the DOL application to be downloaded on a smartphone in the 1st quarter of 2021, you and each of the tasters in your group can order the wine boxes individually via your smartphones during the DOL and benefit from the lowest prices: the more a wine is ordered, the more its price drops !

You benefit from DOL’s preferential rates depending on the quantities of boxes ordered by all the groups for the same evening.

You then receive your group’s orders at home.

Your guests will come and collect their boxes from you (if they want to take advantage of free delivery).

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      DOL se réinvente

      Dégustation Online prépare de nouveaux projets et de nouvelles offres pour satisfaire tous les curieux amateurs de vin 🍷

      Entrez vos coordonnées ci-dessous pour que nous puissions vous tenir informer des prochaines nouveautés !